LOVE YOUR LIVER – And Your Body Will Love You


Not only is the liver the largest organ, but it does an astonishing amount of work to keep your body clean and healthy. A healthy liver maintains blood-sugar levels; metabolises carbohydrates, fats and proteins; eliminates toxins; synthesises and stores vitamins and minerals; and regulates hormones. It’s the master of detoxification, but our environment and lifestyles often impede the process. Think about it: our world is full of plastics, pesticides and hormones, and many of us love alcohol and caffeine. These can lead to irritability, poor sleep, hormonal imbalance and acne, all signs that point to a sluggish liver.

The better our liver functions, the better the rest of our body can function and burn fat more efficiently. When it comes to wellbeing and weightloss, it is essential to give our liver some love. That’s why detoxification is so important; it helps to take the load off our overworked livers and allows the body to heal.


Take care of your liver (in the best way) by trying the following for optimal function:

  • eat plenty of dark leafy greens, especially broccoli, spinach, kale and rocket. Also cauliflower and cabbage.
  • eat colourful fruits and vegetables- citrus fruits, sweet potatoe, tomatoes, carrots and berries
  • include onions, garlic and leeks in your meals
  • add herbs and spices – especially turmeric and parsley
  • eat sprouts
  • include nuts and seeds- especially walnuts, Brazil nuts, almonds and chia seeds
  • enjoy protein rich food such as lean chicken, oily fish, eggs, beans and legumes
  • swap coffee for green tea or dandelion tea
  • reduce alcohol intake
  • cut way down on sugar, including fruit
  • consider supplementing with a vitamin B complex, milk thistle or brassica sprout powder
  • avoid processed and packaged foods

The main liver loaders include caffeine, alcohol, cow dairy, wheat/gluten, red meat and bad fats such as transfats found in vegetable oils, processed and fried foods.

Ensure half your plate is made up of greens for every main meal! Don’t be afraid to add greens to your breakfast!


Reduce stress and give your liver a break by making a few lifestyle changes.

  • Invest in a high-quality water filter
  • Replace plastic water bottles with stainless steel ones.
  • Buy organic produce. When its not possible always wash fruit and veges to remove pesticides.
  • Opt for steaming and grilling over deep-frying.
  • Minimise time spent in traffic.
  • Try to pinpoint the underlying cause with the help of a Naturopath.
  • Switch to natural household products.
  • Reduce your intake of red meat, dairy and fatty food
  • Always choose organic grass-fed, grass finished meat.
  • Avoid all tinned foods. (Keep tinned tuna to twice a week).
  • Use all aluminium free deodorant.
  • Cut back on perfume, spray it on your clothes instead of the skin
  • Choose natural skincare and makeup.
  • Avoid fake tans.

If you feel your liver may need extra support or you would like a copy of our 7 day Detox plan please contact our studio for a copy.

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